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In this BLOG we will share ideas on Teaching and Learning Online.

The first thing I'd like to recommend is the book The Tipping Point. Although this is not an education book, it certainly speaks to change!

Here's some educational "tipping points" to consider as you read the book:
• What makes learning “real” for students?
• How would school look differently if we really focused on learning?
• What emerging or existing technologies support this focus?
• How can educators collaborate to support this transformation?

posted @ 6/30/2004 4:06 PM by Kristine Diener

Inspiration Software - Check it out


Check it out for mapping tools.

posted @ 5/21/2004 12:49 PM by Ilona Parkanksy


Hi guys - I promised a blog and I deliver

posted @ 5/21/2004 11:53 AM by Ilona Parkanksy

Today's Trials and Tribulations of being ABD

The last few days have given me joys and frustrations.  Joys: I am closer to a finished proposal, I have found additional resources for discussion about my topic, and, a few good meetings are encouraging me to keep going.  Frustrations: I should have learned how to use the bibliography software a long time ago, why does IRB really need 4 copies of the whole proposal when I will just have to give them a revised version in a few days and if the rest of world could be put on hold, this would be a whole lot easier.

OK, now that my rant is over for the day I really have made some significant progress.  I feel that the writing of my proposal is coming along nicely.  I have chapter 1 , the Introduction, finished and ready to be examined by my committee.  Chapter 2 is shaky as I am not sure how much or how little to include when talking about all the others who have studied technology in synchronous on-line environments.  Although no one has looked directly at what I am examining, there is a lot of literature to review on many of the older technologies and theoretical concepts that support what we are doing.  When is enough, enough?  When do I stop and say I have sufficiently covered the field?

Another ABDer asked me yesterday how I was organizing all the materials that I read and what the best approach was as you start.  I just laughed a bit and told her when I figured that out I would let her know. I am on my third approach, hopefully this one will really work for me.  I think it may be a very personal thing that you have to work into your way of working in a way that fits your personality.  I am currently trying to use RefWorks as a bibliography software and repository for all the references I have collected and read.  I need a few additoinal fields to arrange everything the  way I want/need, but it seems to be helping.  I will know more after the weekend as I plan to tackle chapter 2 once again :-).

posted @ 5/6/2004 4:28 PM by Shauna Schullo

An Introduction - Day ?

I started a while ago journaling my progress through the dissertation process by creating my own web journal by hand.  This was one way for me to keep myself on track, but it became too time consuming. So, I am leaning toward this approach.  In addition, I will be keeping a researchers journal during the data collection stage of my research to make sure I do not miss something important.  So, I thought this might be a good day to start. 

Here is the beginning of my journal.

Today, I will finish the paper work for IRB. This will get me ready to start taking data for my pilot study which I hope to begin next week.  The topic of my dissertation is A Case Study on the Use of Synchronous Web-Based Course Systems in the On-line Classroom”.  I will be looking at the ways in which university faculty use synchronous web-based course systems to teach on-line.  I will also look at the perceptions both the students and the instructors have when they are finished with the semester.

As the study progresses, so will this blog.

posted @ 5/3/2004 2:19 PM by Shauna Schullo